Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Round up

Homework:ex.6,7,page17,ex.8,9,page 18

1. My friend’s/friends’ name is Mike.
2.This is the cat’s/cats bowl.
3.Our children’s/childrens’ Art teacher is Ms Black.
4.Look at Philip’s and Lucy’s/ Philips and Lucy new cameras!
5.Look at the leaves of the tree/ the tree leaves.
6.He is a friend of her/hers.
7.These are the girls'/girls bikes.
8.My cousin's/ cousins car is blue.

1.Jake is Diane's husband. He's her husbannd.
2.Diane is Frank's and Emma's mother. She's her mother.
3.Liz is Alan's and Bobby's sister. She's her sister.
4.Frank is Katie's father. He's her father.
5.George and Theresa are Jake's, Diane's parents. They're her parents.


9.John and Mary have got a house in the country.1) Their hose is big. It has got five rooms. 2)Their garden is beautiful.Paul and Liz are John and Mary's neighbours. 3)Their friends, too. They have got a pet. 5) Its a beautiful  white cat. 6) Their favourite food is fish.

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