Thursday, December 15, 2016



1. She does not like apples.
2. We do not work on Sunday.
3. He does not help me.
4. They do not drive fast.
5. It does not fly.
6. She doesn’t like apples.
7. We don’t work on Sundays.
8. He doesn’t help me.
9. They don’t drive fast.
10. It doesn’t fly.


My friend Cathy 1) has a horse. It 2) is a beautiful animal with big eyes and a long tail. Its name 3) is Bella and it 4) loves people. It 5) doesn’t kick or bitc. It 6) is very friendly. It 7) eats apples and hay but it 8) doesn’t eat meat. Horses 9) don’t like meat. Since it 10) rains a lot in England, Bella 11) sleeps in a stable. Cathy 12) rides her horse every day after school. She 13) doesn’t ride into the town beacause there 14) is a lot of traffic on the roads. There 15) aren’t many cars in the country, so Cathy 16) takes Bella there. It 17) isn’t easy looking after a horse but Cathy 18) enjoys it very much! 

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