Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Lesson 1

Text 41,page 41 to retell the text.

Hometask:ex3,4,page 83

3. 1) Jhon was listening to music while his parents were watching TV.

2) Rosalie was cooking while she cut his finger.

3) Lizzy and Nadia were playing basketball on 5 o’clock yesterday.

4. 1) A: Were you playing football at 3 o’clock yesterday?

B: No, I wasn’t, I was doing my homework.

2) A: Were you haveing lunch at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon?

B: No, I wasn’t, I was very busy.

3) A: Were you talking on phone at 8 o’clock yesterday evening?

B: Yes, I was, it was very interesting interlocution.

4) A: Were you watch DVD last Saturday morning?

B: Yes, I was, I watch DVD with may sister.

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