Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Round up

Hometask: ex .8, page 68,ex .10,11,page 69

1. Dad didn't buy a new car last week.
2. Mum always cooks chicken on Mondays.
3. Do you like chips?
4. Mary leaves for Italy last month.
5. Do you brushed your teeth every night?
6. The boys didn't play football last Sunday.
7. Did Emily come to the party?
8. I don't watch TV last night.

1. We went to the beach last weekend.
2. Your mum maked a chocolate cake yesterday?
3. Dad doesn't work on Sundays.
4. He don't work on Sundays.
4) He don’t came to the party.
5) My cousins don’t visits.
6) Julia wears jins.
7) The childrens always did their homeworks.
8) I sends clairs.

11. 1) Last night
2) yesterday
3) always
4) every week
5) at the moment
6) last summer

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